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Basics of Keeping Skin Beautiful

Everyone wants beautiful skin. Most of the time beautiful is equated with young, but skin does age eventually no matter how well cared for it is. However, there are some basic things to keep in mind all throughout life to keep skin beautiful and here they are.

Drink Plenty of Water

This suggestion is said so often that it probably either fails to be adhered to or people feel that they are already doing this and that they want a different recommendation for beautiful skin. The reality is that water hydrates from the inside out. There is no doubt that it helps plump the skin up and it helps flush the body- and the skin – of unhealthy toxins.

Limit Sun Exposure

One of the biggest things to age a person’s skin is sun. Try limiting exposure to it. If you cannot, always be sure to wear at least a layer of moisturizer on your face and exposed areas. The thin film of moisture is better than nothing at all. A better bet is to always use an SPF moisturizer or sunscreen whenever planning to be outdoors in the sun.

As for moisturizing skin, there are two excellent ways to keep it healthy and young looking. You can use coconut oil to help boost collagen production, keep rashes away, increase softness and moisturize. Instead of using traditional makeup removers available at drug stores, makeup can be removed with coconut oil. If you do not have coconut oil, look to olive oil. Add some to a cotton pad or cotton ball and gently wipe away all traces of makeup.

Beautiful skin starts from the inside. Make sure to eat healthy vegetables and fruits to get a good dose of antioxidants to help beautiful skin stay beautiful all throughout your life.

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3 Killer Tips To Overcome Your Lack of Motivation

You know you want to lose some weight. It is clear in your mind that that is indeed what you want to happen in your life right now. What is even better is that you know what you need to do to get good results – eating right and exercising regularly. But although your mind knows what to do, your body doesn’t seem to want to actually cooperate? Please visit a qualified medical Doctor Chandler before starting any exercise regiment. The problem is your weight loss motivation. Like a lot of other individuals who are trying to lose weight, you start out excited and pumped up, but end up going back to your regular routine. The good news is that motivation is a workable problem! To help you out, here are a few weight loss motivation tips that will keep you on track and lead you to the finish line! Be Specific. Know exactly what you want and work towards a specific goal. It is better if you quantify the amount of weight you want to get rid of and the reason why you want to lose that much weight. Say for example you want to lose 20 lbs. in time for your reunion. Or maybe you want to lose 30 lbs. because you want to stay healthy for your kids. And sometimes you just want to get rid of a few pounds to fit a really nice dress. Just be specific. Knowing exactly what you want and why you want it will push you to actually work for that goal and really help you increase your weight loss motivation. Write your specific target weight on a big piece of paper and post it somewhere you regularly pass by to remind you that you are working for something important and attainable. Reward Yourself. Rewards work for everyone. Kids work hard to get a star, pets obey to get a treat. The reward system is a proven and effective way to motivate. Think of good rewards to help you in sticking to your weight loss plan. Say every 5 lbs. you lose you buy yourself a pair of shoes. Or every 10 lbs. you take off you reward yourself with a trip to the salon – get a well deserved haircut or get your nails done, pamper yourself. So long as it doesn’t involve food, then you’re good to go. Picture Perfect. Pictures are wonderful mediums that elicit emotions. Post pictures on your walls, ceiling, refrigerator door, and bathroom cabinets to remind you of why you are losing weight. Pictures of your family, pictures of old flings, pictures of people you want to look like, and even pictures of clothes you want to fit into. These will remind you to stay focused on your goals and will push you to work harder to reach them. You already know what you want and how to get there… you are more than half way there! Follow these weight loss motivation tips and ensure your success.